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Tignes Winter Season 2005/06 - Making your stay easier
So you've booked your holiday to Tignes, and even know what's going on but we can still make it easier for you, just click to see how.
Insurance made Easy!
Before you even get to Tignes you'll need to be thinking about insurance as unfortunately accidents can happen, which one to choose really depends on the level of cover you want/need compared to cost but from having done a few seasons the best we've found without question that gives great coverage at a great price is

Simply give them a call for a quotation but please remember to mention as your referral as it's always nice to know if we're helpful or not!
Transfers made Easy!
Your flying to Lyon, Grenoble, Chambery or Geneva - but then you still need to get to Tignes. Our transfer partner has still TBC but we currently recommend that you simply log onto

or e-mail them for more information.
Rental made Easy!
The first thing you're going to need when you get here, before you can even hit the slopes is some skis or a board unless you're lucky enough to have your own set. But fear not we're here to help and simply going to TBC you can get yourself a mighty TBC% reduction simply print off this (coupon). But wait I hear you cry where is this place ? Well here is a (map) for you, great if you're staying in X, if not don't panic there are free buses which take you all around the Tignes villages, simply jump off at X and you're already on the right road.
Snow Reports made Easy!
Hopefully you're hotel will have a snow forecast posted up somewhere but even then they'll only be able to provide you with the all to unreliable "Weatherman's best guess" So we suggest the best and easiest way you find out is by tuning into: Radio Tignes 92.2FM. Not only do they provide the best radio you are likely to find in France; with a mix of all the current awesome hits, Big names from classic rock and all the great feel good songs to put you in the mood for a great day but between 8:15am and 9:30am they provide a great summary of the news, weather and local events but most importantly the most accurate ski report right before the slopes open! Either that or if you're a late riser they have bulletins right up until to 2pm. Oh and no radio? No problem, 99.99% of Tignes is viced by a cable TV network and the Radio is broadcast over Channel 4.
Take-Out made Easy!
Ok, here you have loads of options, the classic kebab, the everyday pizza but even better is what we suggest,

Which has a great variety of take-outs but even better, Curry! Plus as usual if you mention us at you get a TBC% reduction, great or what!
Where's the best Après Ski?
Simply click onto our Pub and Club reviews, pick an area see what promotions are to be had and even read what others think!
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